Clearing npm cache when https links get downgraded to http in project-lock.json

When links get downgraded from https -> http in the project-lock.json file the problem is probably the local npm cache.

How to reset CMD autocomplete in Windows 10

I recently ran into a problem with the command prompt not autocompleting when using TAB. Instead it inserted a regular TAB character.

How to run an OpenVPN server on a Raspberry Pi

Connect easily to your home network over a secure OpenVPN connection.

Automatically changing the image quality in Wyam

After moving to a Wyam based blog I encountered problem in the documentation of the Wyam.Images module when trying to change the image quality for the copied images.

Moving on to Wyam

I decided as the blog is mostly for myself to remember short snippets and information gathered during projects and reading sessions that I needed to make the blog easier to update and cheaper to run as I don’t want to fork out $10 every month for something I rarely use.

Piping command line output directly to the clipboard

Ever stuck grabbing your hair in frustration when trying to copy content from a command ran in the command line in Windows?

How to localize ASP.NET Identity UserName and Password error messages?

Create a custom resource manager

Prevent FortiShield from starting automatically

(Copied from source)

Clearing the Visual Studio ComponentModelCache

Clear the cache in C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\VisualStudio\<vs version>\ComponentModelCache.

Use a domain with DDNS on QNAP TS-253B

curl -X GET "<domain>&myip=$(/sbin/curl" -H "Authorization: Basic <BASE64 ENCODED USERNAME+PASSWORD>"