Piping command line output directly to the clipboard

Ever stuck grabbing your hair in frustration when trying to copy content from a command ran in the command line in Windows?

Moving on to Wyam

I decided as the blog is mostly for myself to remember short snippets and information gathered during projects and reading sessions that I needed to make the blog easier to update and cheaper to run as I don’t want to fork out $10 every month for something I rarely use.

How to localize ASP.NET Identity UserName and Password error messages?

Create a custom resource manager

Prevent FortiShield from starting automatically

(Copied from source)

Clearing the Visual Studio ComponentModelCache

Clear the cache in ```C:\Users<username>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\VisualStudio<vs version>\ComponentModelCache.

Use a Loopia.se domain with DDNS on QNAP TS-253B

curl -X GET "https://dyndns.loopia.se/?hostname=<domain>&myip=$(/sbin/curl ifconfig.me)" -H "Authorization: Basic <BASE64 ENCODED USERNAME+PASSWORD>"

Mimetype in C#

"Say hello to the System.Web.MimeMapping class that is part of the BCL in .NET Framework 4.5:

Microsoft Azure Storage Emulator Installation Error

Delete the SQL instance:

There is already an object named 'AspNetRoles' in the database

After refactoring an old project of mine I ended up with the following error upon trying to update the database with the latest migrations

Exploring the usage of T4 templates in Umbraco

When exploring Pluralsight to find new interesting things that could be useful I stumbled upon T4 templates which I've thought about trying out for a while. Finding use-cases for just "trying things out" can be a bit challenging but I decided to check out if it were possible to do something new with our revised LinqToUmbraco package.