New Image Compare Class

Published on Monday, April 30, 2012

Fixes/Additions (v1.3):

  • Removed _resize, _checkifresizable as I decided that images are not the same if they are different sizes!
  • Added some new functions to clean up the code
  • Added random removing of pixels to fasten up the code, this will be done better later on to check pixels if the deviation is bigger than 10%
  • Added debug code to check for values
  • _checkPixels improved

This version has these fixes:

  • Class instead of functions
  • Executed with new imageCompare(’pathtopicone’, ‘pathtopictwo’); And then $objectname->same(); returns true or false
  • Added gif compatibility
  • Added md5_file comparison before executing any other pixelbypixel comparison (will be great if images are exactly the same**)



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