TinyDude, Mulle flashing tool

Published on Sunday, April 29, 2012

As I have done quite a lot of programming in TinyOs using the Mulle platform and the sm16cf programmer I developed a quick helper for flashing it as using the standard command line for the flash command grew tiresome. The installation of the python script i quite simple, the things you need is:

Python >= 2.4+ or <3, or Python 3+ (Zip contains two versions, read README file before installation) sm16cf flasher (can be downloaded from sourceforge) TinyDude software Download the TinyDude zip file from the bottom of this post and unzip it in any directory. Then run the setup.py file with “python setup.py” and follow any instructions.

The usage of TinyDude after installation is then:


tinydude TOS_ID USB_ID (ex. tinydude 1 2 to flash a node with id 1 on usb 2)
tinydude USB_ID term (ex. tinydude 1 term to run terminal command on usb 1)


Download TinyDude v1.2.1

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