Eclipse SVN Connector error

Published on Saturday, August 29, 2015

When I decided to make a clean installation of Eclipse IDE due to that my current release had grown completely haywire I ran into a problem when trying to install Subversion together with the SVN connectors, problem was following;

Missing requirement: Subversive SVN Connectors 2.2.2.I20101203-1700 ( 2.2.2.I20101203-1700) requires ‘ [0.7.9.I20101001-1700,1.0.0)’ but it could not be found

However after some googling around for a solution I found that the following helped.

  1. Start by going to Help -> Install New Software…

  2. Add the following to your sites and use it

  3. Install Subversive SVN Team Provider Plugin (Incubation) -> Subversive SVN Team Provider (Incubation) 0.7.9.I20101203-1700

  4. Accept all prompts

  5. Restart eclipse

  6. Now go to Help -> Install New Software...

  7. Add the following to your sites and use it

  8. Select a suitable connector from the list and install it!

  9. Should work fine by now, restart eclipse to accept changes

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