Microsoft HTTPAPI/2.0 use Port 80 – Cannot Start WAMP Apache

Published on Sunday, September 6, 2015

So a while ago I was required to run XAMPP on my local development workstation on port 80 to debug a clients Wordpress site. However when trying to close down all applications running on port 80 I ran into some trouble as Microsoft HTTPAPI/2.0 was listening on port 80 and forcing XAMPP to close down as the port was busy.

As usual the solution was relatively simple to find on StackOverflow after some effective use of Google.

net stop http /y

This will stop port 80 from being busy, although I also have discovered that

SQL Server Reporting Services

is the cause of port 80 being used so you can also disable this service under "Services" in windows.


Microsoft HTTPAPI/2.0 use Port 80

Microsoft-HTTPAPI/2.0 listening on port 80 in new windows 10 installation. Why?

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