Download a Google App Engine application

Below is a snippet that downloads (backups) an app from Google App Engine and stores it locally. I've been doing this before updating a previously uploaded application for security purposes.

.NET Uri Class Cheat Sheet

Below is a short cheat sheet for the .NET Uri Class containing the values and short specification for an example Url.

Current action from controller code .NET

Knowing the current action and controller that are being used can be handy when working with menus. Below is one way of retrieving this in the current controller context.

Bypassing proxy settings for a HttpWebRequest

Recently I was debugging a simple application that requested a local URL through the WebRequest implementation in .NET but that wasn't connecting properly for some unknown reason.

Web.config rewrite rule to redirect all users to an SSL connection

The rule below will redirect all users connecting to the webpage to a secure connection (https) on the same domain.

Microsoft HTTPAPI/2.0 use Port 80 – Cannot Start WAMP Apache

So a while ago I was required to run XAMPP on my local development workstation on port 80 to debug a clients Wordpress site. However when trying to close down all applications running on port 80 I ran into some trouble as Microsoft HTTPAPI/2.0 was listening on port 80 and forcing XAMPP to close down as the port was busy.

Encrypt and decrypt a section in the ASP.NET web.config file

First of your need to locate your aspnet_regiis.exe file which is located in one of the directories inside

Adding functionality to the TinyMCE editor in Umbraco

Popped up a new problem when I was working with the TinyMCE editor in Umbraco, a client of ours needed extra functionality for the TinyMCE editor which wasn't provided by default in the settings for the Rich-text datatype.

The Adventure of Sven - GameJam 1.0

So the first GameJam is over. Really fun weekend and a lot of interesting game ideas (check the links below for more info, although information in Swedish. But images!).

Updating Twitter status with Linq2Twitter

So out of pure curiosity I started to think, how hard would it be to implement a twitter update for every new blog post that I do on this website? Turns out it's simplicity itself.