Do YOU have .NET?

Wondering if you have .NET and which version you are running? Check out

How to disable “Mount of file system failed” prompt in Ubuntu Server 10.10

Ubuntu doesn’t always do as you think, this is the case when running ubuntu server 10.10 and a mount command fails to execute properly. The mounting will halt and wait for user confirmation about how to proceed with the problem (As the ssh daemon haven’t had the opportunity to start the server is completely locked from remote administration). The desired behavior when running a remote server is to just skip the mounting and solve the problem after the system have successfully booted (which will allow remote ssh access if enabled)

Installing RealPlayer on Ubuntu 10.10 64-bit version

So there are still sometimes when you want to play RealPlayer files on your computer. I for one came across one such time today as I downloaded a older video lecture on “Introduction to the theory of computation”.

Eclipse SVN Connector error

When I decided to make a clean installation of Eclipse IDE due to that my current release had grown completely haywire I ran into a problem when trying to install Subversion together with the SVN connectors, problem was following;

Installing AVG Antivirus on Ubuntu 10.04 (64-bit) Server Edition

As I run several servers I decided to search for a new antivirus software that may be better than the one I currently are using (clam). So I downloaded AVG Antivirus Server Edition (from,newest version was 8.5.0863).

Installing a Virtualbox environment on Ubuntu Server 11.04

sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list

Installing pure-ftp on Ubuntu with TLS support, VirtualChroot, MySQL etc.

I recently built a NAS server for my local network as I want a secure (raid supported) working space with movie archive and a few more stuff. However besides accessing it with samba I wanted to be able to access it with ftp from either my local computer or remotely through the net. I also wanted to chroot the users for safety (which requires building the install myself to be able to access symlinks from a chrooted pure-ftp environment).

64Bit Ubuntu – problem running hldsupdatetool.bin (Or any .bin file)

Having trouble executing bin files under 64-bit ubuntu systems? I sure had when trying to install CS:Source server.

Prolog – Doing othello by Prolog way – D7012E Lab 4

The beginning of the course we had was Haskell, now the next step after that was prolog. So a simple first lab was to find all possible combinations to travel over a sea (between two islands) and move a goose, a fox and a bag of grain over without the fox eating the goose and the goose eating the grain.

Javascript Array Extension – Key value pair

I went totally frustrated earlier when I tried to find a way to match key values to value in arrays (hashmap kind). But I couldn’t find any function for that in javascript. So I decided to write my own extension for the array in javascript. Here is the result. Mind you, it’s only in alpha release. Basic usage: