Installing TinyOS environment on Ubuntu [For Mulle]

This guide will go through how to properly install TinyOs on Ubuntu (most versions included). The installation requires some basic libraries before installing the compiler and other components. I only cover the flashing process for Mulle and no other platforms (some may work if you are lucky, I however have not tried and give no guarantee that it would work).

Remote unraring through nautilus and SSH

I’ve just set up a new NAS/Web/whatever server for my apartment and feel it unnecessary to run unrar on my regular desktop (which leads to a lot of delay as the stream goes NAS -> Workstation -> NAS). So I wrote a quick python script that will work to send an unrar command through a ssh connection to the NAS server which then executes the command on the server which leads to a much quicker unraring of the files. This script however requires that the mounted volumes are located in the same base directory on both computers (for example, I got my archive mounted on /mnt/archive on my NAS, I then have to mount the samba volume on my workstation to /mnt/archive). It contains a quick installation script and all python scripts requires python 3+ (as I have abandoned python < 3 for easier programming).

New Image Compare Class


Visualizing Energy Consumption Using Physical Artifacts

My thesis work for Luleå University of Technology concerning techniques that may be used to visualize energy consumptions through physical artifacts.

Automatic iPod python converting script

I don’t really like having to install handbrake or some other program that I have to use every time I want to convert a file to my iPod or android phone. So I decided to run a small python script on my NAS server instead which periodically checks for unconverted files in a specified directory and converts them to the correct format. I will not supply any huge readme files for this release, the code is mostly self-explanatory.

TinyDude, Mulle flashing tool

As I have done quite a lot of programming in TinyOs using the Mulle platform and the sm16cf programmer I developed a quick helper for flashing it as using the standard command line for the flash command grew tiresome. The installation of the python script i quite simple, the things you need is:

How to re-lock a BitLocker encrypted drive

There's no re-lock alternative directly in the context menu for re-locking an unlocked BitLocker volume. So after a bit of searching I came up with a solution based upon two-three different posts.

Hide Spotify from taskbar (Minimize to tray only)

For you who have missed this Spotify have added an option to minimize itself only to the tray and hiding itself from the running applications in taskbar. This can be done by right-clicking the tray icon and selecting "Hide from taskbar when closed".

Prolog – The fox, The Goose and the Bag of Grain – D7012E Lab 32

Okay, so our assignment for the lab 3 was to make a prolog program to calculate all possible combinations of moves a boat with a man could make to move a Goose, a Fox and a bag of grain from one side of a river to the other without the fox eating the goose, or the goose eating the grain. The restriction was the the goose may not be left alone with the grain or that the fox may not be left alone with the goose.

OCZ Vertex 2

So, waited for a while to upgrade my workstation with an ssd drive as they were both MASSIVELY expensive and had a very low MTBF (mean-time before failure) value. But yesterday I received my all new (kinda expensive) Vertex 2 with a peak read of 285 MB/s! And the theoretical write speed isn’t far behind (275 MB/s). And my verdict? It’s totally awesome. Boot time approx 14s~ after a FRESH install. However this grows (naturally) after installing antivirus, etc etc. But my mean boot time (excluding the bios screen) is about 30 s~ (Before: 1 min 20s at most, 50~ s after some tweaking). And it’s blazingly fast at loading everything from chrome to lightroom.